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The Hunan Provincial Museum is situated in the northeast of Changsha City in Central China's Hunan hunan provincial museumProvince. The "Display of Mawangdui Han Tomb" is one of the museum's basic displays.

The "Display of Mawangdui Han Tomb" was divided into four parts -- "Great Archeological Discovery," "Walking Into Marquis Yi's Mansion," "Grand Colored Coffin," and "Portrait of the Deceased through the Ages," --, through which the front-page stir caused when the tomb was first discovered, the tomb's background and historical value, and the impressive treasures and wealth of the deceased marquis were vividly and precisely presented before the readers.

The cultural relics from the Mawangdui Han Tomb are one of the important symbols of the early Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD) cultural level and a representative of Chinese ancient aristocratic culture. The "Display of Mawangdui Han Tomb" was rich in the number, variety, and cultural connotations of its cultural relics.

The display won the Prize of Elaborate Works in the Sixth National Top Ten Museums (2003-2004) competition.

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