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Located in the eastern suburb of Changsha, the world famous Mawangdui Han Tombs is one of the most fascinating attractions in Hunan Province. The Mawangdui Han Tombs is a book to the magnificent West Han Dynasty (206BC-24AD). All three tombs were excavated between 1972 and Mawangdui Han Tombs1974. According to the research this place was a family graveyard from at least two thousand years ago. The tombs are very impressive and complicated as well.

There are totally three tombs. Number 1 and Number 3 tombs were in excellent condition when excavated and Number 1 tomb is the largest among the three. Number 1 and Number 2 tombs have been in filled. Number 3 tomb has been preserved and covered by a ceiling for the benefit of the visitors. More than 3,000 relics have been unearthed from the three tombs, such as silk products, silk books, silk paintings, lacquer works, potteries, bamboo slips used for writing, weapons, herbs, and so on. The number of the varnish works is the largest, including ancient cooking vessels, boxes, kettles, plates and folding screens, and the like. Red or black colors were painted on them. Most of the potteries contain food relics. The mouths of the containers were tightly stuffed by grass and mud. Bamboo brands with the name of the food tied on the outside of the containers'necks.

There are wooden tomb figurines both clothed and unclothed. The reason is that they had different social status according the strict ranking system during the West Han Dynasty (206BC-24AD). The silk clothes from Number 1 tomb are in a variety of styles and of fine workmanship. One of the most outstanding representatives is a silk coat which is as light as the mist and as fine as gossamer. It is 1.28 meters (about 1.40 yards) in length with a pair of long sleeves, but weighs only 49 grams.

Admission: CNY18 Hours: 08:00 am-05:00 pm

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