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The Three Pagodas are located 1 km northwest of Dali Ancient City at the foot of Zhonghe Peak. They three pagodasare historical witnesses of the prevailing Buddhism those days in Dali. The Three Pagodas consist of one big pagoda and two small ones. They stand like the three legs of a tripod which looks magnificent. They are one of the wonders in Dali.

The Three Pagodas were built respectively at different periods of time. The main pagoda-the Qianxun Pagoda which is named after its height was erected when the Chongsheng Monastery was built. The Qianxun Pagoda is a sixteen-story tower. It is square with closed eaves and is one of the highest remaining pagodas of the Tang Dynasty. On the south and north side of the main pagoda stand two small octagonal ones with closed eaves. Each has 10 stories at a height of 42.4 meters. They were erected during the Wudai period of the Dali Kingdom. The Qianxun Pagoda presents a typical architectural style of the Tang Pagoda.

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