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Abakh Hoja Tomb, commonly known among Chinese as the Tomb of Xiangfei, is the most magnificent Tomb of Abakh Hojatomb in Kashgar, filled with history and symbolism. It actually served as the family tomb of Abakh Hoja, the powerful ruler of Kashgar in the 17th century. 

Xiangfei, Iparhan, Abakh Hoja's grand-daughter, whose name means "Fragrant Concubine", was concubine of Emperor Qianlong. After Xiangfei died, which according to reports was a forced suicide ordered by the jealous Empress Dowager, her body was carried back to Abakh Hoja Tomb in Kashgar over a tedious three year journey. Thus the tomb known as the Xiang Fei Tomb is in memory of her.

The buildings of the Hoja Tomb are large and mosgue - like with most of the building colored with blue and white and topped with a green dome and small minarets. On the dome, there is a small minaret with a crescent symbol on the top. The tomb of Xiangfei herself lies on the northeast corner of the main tomb, with her name written in Chinese and Uigur. The tomb is covered with blue glazed bricks with beautiful patterns of blue flowers on a white background.

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