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Kunming is a well known tourist destination and it has been nicknamed as "spring city" and "flower kunmingcapital", which is the capital city of Yunnan province, with pleasant climate, brilliant and unique cultures and so many beautiful scenic spots, towering on the red soil plateau, it enjoys a great reputation of an excellent tourist resort in the world.

Kunming is a long history city with many historic sites. "Kunmingren", the ancestors of nowadays people lived in Kunming dated back to 30,000 years ago. Kunming, a state level historical city with its glorious civilization, is given birth in this beautiful and mysterious paradise.

There is an air of romance about Kunming. It has vast Hue water of the Dianchi Lake within its embrace and colorful clouds in the sky. "Kunming" originally was the name of a minority in the ancient times, It has vast blue water of the Dianchi Lake within its embrace and colorful clouds in the sky. "Kunming" originally was the name of a minority in the ancient times, It had been changing into a name of city gradually in the history, meanwhile, lots of historical events happened near the lake.

The flowers make a mass of colors all the year round, they also make Kunming city. There are mountains and hills standing encircling the city and six rivers running across the city. The city not only has a unrestrained subtropical climate, but also a cool climate of glacial zone. The famous mountain and the beautiful lake make Kunming more attractive and dazzling. Natural landscape, different humanities, minorities' culture and the culture of central plains of china, all fusing together here, makes it's a unique and charming traveling style.

Kunming is an international city striding ahead towards modernization, located in the southwest of china. Kunming is the capital of Yunnan province, as well as the center of politics, economy, culture, tourism, transportation and communications. It's also the main tourism destination and distributing center in Yunnan. Kunming leads to Southeast Asian, so it's also the most important bridge between china and southeastern countries.

Kunming has become a modern and prosper city, a traveling heaven for tourists from both home and abroad because of its long history, pleasant climate, unique and colorful customs.

Just like a exquisite picture album, Kunming is open all around the year for you to enjoy .Warmly welcome distinguished guests from all over the world to Kunming.

Attractions in Kunming:
Stone Forest    Jiuxiang Scenic Spot    Old Street
Yunnan Nationality Village

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