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Wuzhizhou Island is located in Sanya City in the northern part of the Begonia Bay, Sanya Linwangtian away from the village after the 2.7 km on the sea, the north and Nanwanhoudao distant relative, one in Wuzhizhou Island charge of the south is the so-called Bay of Yalong Bay, Sanya distance town 30 km, Sanya Phoenix International Airport 38 km, near Hainan Eastern Highway, traffic convenient and speedy.

Butterfly-shaped island was irregular area of 1.48 square kilometers, things of 1,500 meters, 1,100 meters wide north-south, Wuzhizhou Island total length of 5.7 km of coastline, the southern peak of 79.9 meters above sea level.

Island East, South, West face Manshan Pinnacle, 85 by more than 2,700 kinds of plants green and upright not only the tall trees, but also lush Wei Rui shrubs, which not only handed down from the dinosaur era Alsophila spinulosa such singular flowers, Growth also the date on the planet remains the most ancient plants, known as "Earth's oldest plants old" Dragon blood tree, parasitic, strangling, and other tropical plants landscape can be seen everywhere.

Linhai steep rugged rocks, inline sea, the great tide, an awe-inspiring. Weiyi undulating grassland central mountains, green whirling. Long Beach north-static and sandy white delicate jade belt Guangre Tiancheng.

Clear waters around transparency, visibility 6-27 meters of seawater, waters in the rich luminous snail, sea cucumbers, lobsters, Majiaoyu, sea urchins, Changyu and colorful tropical fish, the southern waters of the Harbor have good protection of coral reefs, is the world’s number is not the only no more than rocks or pebbles mixed islands, is the best diving domestic bases. Jimuyuantiao, Yanbeigaomiao, sea and sky merged into one.

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