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Situated about 32 kilometers (about 19.9 miles) away from Shangri-La County (Zhongdian), covering an area of 166 hectares, Bita Lake, a fault lake, is an intact natural attraction with various species of flora and fauna and picturesque landscapes.Bita Lake

In Tibetan language, Bita means "a piece of land as soft as cattle hair felt". With an altitude of 3,539 meters (about 11,608 feet), the lake is the highest in Yunnan Province. Bitahai Lake is famous for its limpid water and its beautiful scenery which is set against the mountains and forests surrounding it.

Another attraction of this area is the Tibetan folklore, the primeval forest, the highland meadow, and the highland flowers and plants. In the center of the lake there is an islet shaped like a boat sailing in the lake. The islet is 30 meters (about 33 yards) above the water level, covering with rare plants and also spruces and rhododendrons, which add to the beauty of the lake.

Bitahai Lake is a place of legends. You can find that even a tree or a hill around the lake has a story. It is not only a feast to the eye, but also enhances our sense of beauty and our imagination.

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