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Ali Mountain (Alishan) is situated in the northeastern part of the Jiayi County in Taiwan Province. Ali Mountain (Alishan) is a generic term which encompasses eighteen hills in the region. Standing at the height of 2,663 mt, Tower Hill is the highest peak in Ali Mountain (Alishan).

Ali Mountain (Alishan), Taiwan: History
The Ali Mountain (Alishan) was originally inhabited by the Tsou tribe. The present name can be traced to the name Jarissang, the aborigines used for the place. The region around the Ali Mountain (Alishan) was first made home by the ethnic Chinese settlers during the Ming Dynasty.

Ali Mountain (Alishan), Taiwan: Attractionsali mountain
Ali Mountain (Alishan) is renowned for its-
  -  the Alishan Sacred tree
  -  the Sunrise
  -  the Ali Mountain Forest Railway
The Alishan Sacred tree in the Ali Mountain (Alishan) is believed to be more than 3,000 years old. The most unique aspect about the tree is that the generations of the tree survive in the same trunk. The adjoining forest welcomes the visitors with promises of a relaxing walk.

The sunrise in the Ali Mountain (Alishan) is one of the major attractions. The best place to experience the sun rise is from the top of Zhu Hill. The brief moment when the emerging sun sends out golden rays makes up for an everlasting beauty.

The Ali Mountain Forest Railway is one of the few railways that run up through a mountain. Covering a distance of 72 kilometers, the train takes a sharp ascent from 30 mt to 2,450 mt above the sea level. The journey brings forth some fascinating sights and sceneries.

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