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Located 75 km away from the city, it's an ideal and cool resort during the summer. Since it's located to Southern Pasturethe south of Urumqi city, hence the name Southern Mountain Pasture. There are several valleys among which White Poplar Valley (Baiyanggou) is the most attractive. Because of the rich rainfall in the area, the hills are tree –covered with ever-green pines and spruces connected with verdant grasses.
It's the home of nomadic Kazak herders who live in yurt which is made of animal skin. One can visit the yurts and enjoy the fragrant milk tea and some other snacks. Here you can ride horse to the 30 m high waterfall at the end of the main road. Or you can do some trekking exercise to the water wall. The round trip takes you one our by foot, and some 40 minutes on the horseback. On the way, you can enjoy the densely covered hills, crystal-clear springs, and the nice smell of the wild flowers, flocks and herds.
During the summer you can overnight in the Kazak yurt to experience the pastoral life of the Kazak Southern Pasturepeople.

During the special occasions, Kazaks will hold some entertainment activities such as Horse Race, Goat –Tussling and the Girl Chase. The other times it can be arranged upon request.
During the winter it crowned with snow, it becomes a mountain skiing ground. Silk Road International Skiing ground is you ideal place for your skiing. You can climb the hills either by cable car or on the horseback. Restaurants and hostels are established around here, attracting more and more visitors during the winter.

Entrance ticket: CNY 15
Horse ride to the waterfall: CNY 30
Yurt visiting: CNY 15
Skiing: CNY 100

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