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South Putuo TempleSouth Putuo Temple is known as an "ancient temple of a thousand years old". Situated at the foot of Five Elders Peak Hill (Wulaofeng Shan) next to Xiamen University, it is a famous temple in Fujian and across the country. The history of South Putuo Temple dates back to the Tang Dynasty. The cluster of buildings including Hall of Heaven (Tianwang Dian), Daxiongbao Dian, Hall of Great Mercy (Dabei Dian), Pavilion of Buddhist Sutra (Cangjing Ge), Bell and Drum Tower, and the wing-rooms on both sides with Buddhist features stand imposingly and stately against the Five Elders Peak Hill and give forth a solemn atmosphere symbolizing the "boundless power of Buddha". All kinds of articles relating to Buddhism can be found in the shops specialized in selling tourist souvenirs within the temple.

On the birthday of Guanyi (a Bodhisattva), which falls on the 19th day of the 2nd, 6th and 9th lunar months, grand ceremony is held in the temple. On those days numerous devotees, men and women, young and old, climb up to pray for health, fortune and happiness with burning joss sticks in their hands. Even on ordinary days, many people, mostly foreign tourists and local believers of Buddhism, keep coming to prostrate themselves before the image of Buddha smiling at the joss sticks and South Putuo Templecandles burning in front of him.

After a pilgrimage to Buddha you can climb up the rocks to the summit of the Five Elders Peak Hill. From there you can have a bird's-eye view of the campus of Xiamen University and the landscape of Xiamen Harbor. Fujian College of Buddhism to the south of South Putuo Temple was founded in 1925. It is a college engaged in teaching Buddhist doctrine and the cradle of followers of Buddhism. As a college of Buddhism well known at home and abroad, it attracts many students to come here to study every year.

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