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Have you even come to Beijing and experience the Hutong Rickshaw Tours? Hutongs are typical hutongstreets in Beijing, which are narrow streets or alleys, most commonly associated with Beijing, China.
When the Mongols swept through China in the 13th century they built their Grand Capital at Beijing (calling Beijing “Great Caesar” in Mongolian) and the residual streets (calling “Hutong” in Mongolian meaning “water well.”). The winding alleyways of Hutong that linked the city through a network of diverse neighborhoods, each area being spun like a web of interconnecting lanes that became the lifeblood of old Beijing.

The Hutong numbered in the thousands but today, under the onslaught of urban renewal, they are quickly disappearing. For what is often considered the best chance to experience the flavor and mood of old Beijing, Hutong tour provides a good experience by taking a traditional rickshaw to explore a hutongtraditional Beijing neighborhood. Behind the glitzy of Beijing’s high-rise department stores and office towers, the quiet sounds of the old neighborhood bring to life a Beijing that flourished under the omnipotent rule of dynasties past. In old China, streets and lanes were defined by width. Hutongs were lanes no wider than 9 meters. Many are smaller; Beijing hutongs range in width from 10 meters down to only 40 centimeters.

Visiting a couple of local families and free charting with local people in their households, a local kindergarten or an elementary school, are a memorable experience of a Hutong neighborhood tour, which brings you back the past & to the future of Beijing.

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