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A renowned Temple of Yong He Lamasery, the Yellow Hat Board of Yonghe Temple The Yonghe palaceTemple also known as the alace of Peace and Harmony Lama Temple? the onghe Lamasery? or - popularly - the ama Temple?is a temple and monastery of the Geluk School of Tibetan Buddhism located in the northeastern part of Beijing, China.

Sect of Lamaism is the elegant, largest & most perfectly preserved lamasery in north part of China in present. It was built initially in 1694 for the resident of Emperor Yong Zheng when he was just a price before he ascended the throne. After his death in 1735, the dynasty formally changed the status of his dwelling to that of a lamasery and Yong He Lamasery became the national center of palaceLama Administration, and lived with large number of monks from Tibet and Mongolia. It has many remarkable treasures but 3 ones should be visited: the Stone Tablet of Emperor Qianlong Inscriptions, a 26 meters higher of huge Status of Buddha in Tibet religion feature, the Resident and Throne of Dalai Lama while Dalai Lama were in Beijing. The inscriptions caved on the tablet with four languages are in intelligently talking on the reason of the importance and a must that whole nation & dynasty has to treat religions well in China.

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