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Tibet International Grand Hotel, Lhasa address:1 Mingzu South Road, Tibet, China brief introduction:
Brahmaputra Grand Hotel,Lhasa address:Section B, Yangcheng Plaza Gongbutang Road, Lhasa brief introduction:
Lhasa Manasarovar Hotel address:Building A, Yangcheng Square,Gongbutang Road,Lhasa City, Tibet brief introduction:
Tibet Hotel, Lhasa address:No.64 Beijing Middle Road Lhasa brief introduction:
Dungu Hotel Lhasa address:No 19, Chongsaikangxiashasu, Beijing Rd, Lhasa, China brief introduction:
Lhasa River Guest House Lhasa address:House No22/ Third Pass/ Compound No2, Xian Zu Dao Ecologicalpark Lhasa, Tibet brief introduction:
King Sun Grand Hotel, Lhasa address:No.11 Zaji Road Lasha brief introduction:
Lhasa Hotel address:No 1 Min zu Road, Lhasa brief introduction:
Kailasi Hotel, Lhasa address:No 143, East Beijing Rd, Lhasa, China brief introduction:
Jiangsu Ecological Garden Hotel, Lhasa address:Xian Zu Dao Development Zone, Lhasa, China, 850000 brief introduction:
Shangbala Hotel Lhasa address:Danjielin Rd., Lhasa, Tibet, 850000, China brief introduction:
Xin Ding Hotel Lhasa address:No.8 Jinzhu Avenue2, Zhonghe International City, Lhasa brief introduction:
Tibet Xiong Bala Hotel Lhasa address:28 Jiangsu Road, Lhasa,850000, China brief introduction:
Jardin Secret Hotel Lhasa address:No.60 Jinzhu West Road Lhasa, Tibet brief introduction:
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