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Silk Road Travel Tips

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Dunhuang-Turpan Train Routes & Details:

 Departure Destination  Km  Hours Train Number   Departure Time  Arrival Time
 Dunhung-Turpan  825  11hrs47mins  N949  20:03  07:50+1
 Turpan-Dunhuang  825  8hrs50mins  T198  21:03  05:53+1


Turpan Railway Station:

It is located 50 km away from Turpan Railway Station to Urban City. It is very important point in Silk Road.
Train Station Bus Service: From the station to the city center, you may take public bus , which will take around 1 hours to Turpan Urban City, it cost 7.5 RMB

Taxi Service:You also could take taxi from train station to Urban city, the cost is 100 -150 RMB for single way.


Dunhuang Flight Routes & Details:

 Destination  Flight NO.  Model  Schedule  Departure Time  Arrival Time
 Xi'an-Dunhuang  MU2215  A320  1---7  12:30  14:50
 Xi'an-Dunhuang  GS7531  ERJ  1---7  08:20  10:50
 Xi'an-Dunhuang  CZ6896  757  1---7  13:25  15:45
 Xi'an-Dunhuang  JD5569  A319  1---7  07:40  10:00
 Lanzhou-Dunhuang  MU2749  A320  1---7  17:50  19:30
 Lanzhou-Dunhuang  MU2416   A320  1---7  21:40  23:20
 Urumqi-Dunhuang  JD5570  A319  1---7  20:20  21:10
 Urumqi-Dunhuang  CZ6895  A319  1---7  08:15  09:25
 Urumqi-Dunhuang  HU7532  B757  1---7  13:45  15:00

 Dunhuang  Airport:

Dunhuang Airport is situated in Mogao town, which is located 13 km away from Dunhuang city.

Airport Bus Servie:
Airport to City
According to the arrival flight, Airport shuttle bus arranges its departure schedule. The duration from airport to Lhasa city needs to take 20mins.  It will arrive at Yangguan Hotel. Ticket is 6 RMB/PAX
Urban city to Airport
Location: Yangguan Hotel, East of Yangguan Road. You could call 0937-8825292 to ask the fixed departure time.

 Airport Taxi Service:
You also could take taxi from airport to Urban city, it will takes 15mins, the cost is 30 RMB for single way.


Food in Silk Road:
People lives in Northwest they prefer spicy food. We provide the normal Chinese dishes with some special food. According to your requirements, we could provide what you need. There have lot kinds of fruits in Xinjiang Providence. All fruits are more sweat than other place.

Famous Food: Donkey Yellow Noodle
Address: West Bridge Market Wenmiao Lane, Dunhuang 


You could enjoy the local market


Dunhuang Night Market


Travel tips:
Credit Card; Credit Card can be used in Hotel, Shopping Mall

It is convenient to use bank service in Tibet Area. Currently there have Bank of China, Construction Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, POST Bank, Commercial Bank.

Useful Phone Number
Police Phone number: 110
Ambulance Phone number: 120

 Foreign Exchange:
You can make the currency change in Bank of China.

Travelling periods: The best time to visit Silk Road lasts from April to November every
year. According to the climate and environment there, please take some warm clothing and related medicines in case you feel uncomfortable. The best Travelling period is from July to September, if you would like to visit North part of Xinjiang, July and August is the best season.
How about the weather: In China regain, Silk Road starts from Xi’an ends at Kashgar,
across Lanzhou, Jiayuguan, Dunhuang, Turpan, and Urumqi. Most cities are located at northwest part of China. There has big difference on temperature in days and nights. The weather is dry and has big wind. Traveler should drink more water.
What should prepare before Silk Road tour: Due to the dry weather, it is better
To prepare a lipstick. In summer season, it is hot in desert area; travel should prepare sun block, sun umbrella, and hat. There has big difference of climate; travel should prepare a jacket in summer. According to the arrangement of itinerary, travel has the chance to climb mountain, ride horse, we suggest that it is better to wear a comfortable shoes.
What is the local religions: There have some minorities in Gansu and
Xinjiang Provence. Most of them are Muslim. Please respect their faith.

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