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Xian Weather

Xian has an average annual temperature of 13, and an average annual precipitation of 604 mm. The rainy season comes in June, July and August.

In winter, it is cold and dry. Due to the Siberian air masses that move southward across the Mongolian Plateau. The summers are hot owing to warm and humid monsoon winds from the southeast bringing Xian most of its annual precipitation. January is the coldest month and July is the warmest. Winter usually begins towards the end of October. The summer months, June to August, are wet and hot with about 40% of the annual precipitation.

The average maximum temperatures in the months of December and January are 41°F and 30°F respectively. The minimum temperatures are 24°F and 22°F respectively. During the months of May and June the average maximum temperatures are 78°F and 88°F respectively. The minimums are 55°F and 64°F respectively. June is the hottest month of the year in Xian. Maximum amount of rainfall can reach up to 100 mm in September. While in the winter season, it is quite low, as in the months of December, January and February. January is the coldest month. However snowfall is negligible in Xian.

The best time to visit Xian is from April to October, when people enjoy bright sunny sky.

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